date_range 05/08/2011 17:30

Now that my Pac-man assessment is due next week (as well as a whole lot of other assessment over the next two weeks) I’m starting to focus more and more on finishing Pac-man. It’s definitely getting there, with the only hard part here being to get the ghosts that I’ve added to follow the paths. After spending a solid 4 hours fixing Ghost #3 from mysteriously crashing the game using a cheap workaround, I got most of it working. The only problem that remains is that ghosts are having some serious issues getting stuck in corner. Hopefully I can get...

Expanding on Pathfinding

date_range 01/08/2011 21:33

With just under two weeks left to finish Pacman, I’m spending a bit more time on the game itself. Right now I actually have most of it done, including probably the most complex component which is the path finding. What I did today, besides getting collision detection and movement for the player as Pacman working, was making some changes to pathfinding. There are four ghosts (not yet done), each that have their own individual route to the player. As the operation is fairly expensive, it’s calculated every two seconds. You can see in the picture that the red and yellow...

Data Driven Programming & Dijkstra Pathfinding

date_range 24/07/2011 19:10

Coming up in about three weeks, I am to program a recreation of Pac-man. This is a fairly big step up from a simple arcade game like Breakout. I have previously worked with pathfinding in a 3D space using the Unity engine, although I must admit that Unity did a lot of the work for me. Here, I am using SFML and Dijkstra’s pathfinding algorithm to find the shortest route in a level. Additionally, I am using data driven programming for my level design, which is automatically processed at the program’s run-time to generate path nodes as well as different...

Text Rendering and Menu

date_range 26/06/2011 17:59

Now that I’ve got most of the core elements of the game finished, I’m actually doing some work on the game itself. I decided I’d implement the menu that I’ve been using as a test environment so far. The process was extremely easy and fast due to my previously implemented systems. The entity system and image systems are cleared, memory is freed, and the next scene is loaded. To accomplish this, I used a simple vector of SFML string objects to add a simple but nice looking mouseover colour change as well as the actual detection what text item was...

Collision Response Tweaking

date_range 25/06/2011 19:16

What I did not expect was for this process to take the time it did. Surprisingly the most difficult thing about breakout is calculating a predictable response from the ball hitting something. For the boundaries around the game area, I simply reverse the X or Y direction depending on which wall was it. For the paddle or the bricks it’s not so simple. Part of the expected functionality is to have the distance off the center of a brick or paddle affect the rebound effect. To make it even harder, velocity of the paddle also affects this. Fortunately, yet another...

Image System, Scene Manager & Memory Management

date_range 24/06/2011 20:12

I’m continuing to expand my code base for a project due in two weeks. The idea is to create a simple game of Breakout using SFML. The idea is easy and likewise the coding shouldn’t take very long. Surprisingly I actually spent the last 5 hours working on a base for it without even a single thing on screen. Essentially what I’m writing is somewhat of a subsidiary of SFML, or at least close to one. Closer to the end of my current trimester I’ll most likely be using the some functions that I’m writing now for a Pac-man project...

An Entity System

date_range 22/06/2011 21:24

As part of an exercise using SFML I received a rather simple task of collision detection with rectangles for the week, as well as the use of some vectors (In this case point-based, not array-like vectors). What I did initially was create a player instance and a few ‘buildings’ for collision testing. What I also did was incorporate a little entity system that I’m quite happy with. The only thing required to add an entity now is _entManager.AddEntity(entity_type,xPos,yPos,)_. Although this would seem rather limited it does everything I need to do for a while. The difference between this and my...

The Witcher 2

date_range 17/06/2011 23:21

I’ve been somewhat busy with Uni and haven’t done anything exciting enough that seems worth sharing. Duke Nukem Forever came out, something that no one saw coming after 15 years, but I suppose hell really does freeze over. While I struggle with simple 2D vector transformations with no game engine to help me do it, and 12 weeks of 4-spacial dimensional Quaternions and Euler angles coming up next trimester I have some stuff to learn. Meanwhile, I also played a game titled ‘The Witcher 2’. Surprisingly I hadn’t played the first game, but this was something I did almost immediately...

Online Again

date_range 17/04/2011 15:31

The site was down for around 5 days due to some performance issues but is back now. I’ve removed a lot of old content where this blog is almost all that remains, meaning it should be sped up a bit as well. That will be all.

Thermonuclear War

date_range 03/04/2011 01:19

I lost :(. Going back from game engines and graphics at the moment, back into basic console applications for my study. Here I’ve just about finished a project that is due in 3 weeks time, made in just about a day. Classes, pointers (once or twice), arrays, things like that, nothing too tricky.