Text Rendering and Menu

Now that I’ve got most of the core elements of the game finished, I’m actually doing some work on the game itself. I decided I’d implement the menu that I’ve been using as a test environment so far. The process was extremely easy and fast due to my previously implemented systems. The entity system and image systems are cleared, memory is freed, and the next scene is loaded.

To accomplish this, I used a simple vector of SFML string objects to add a simple but nice looking mouseover colour change as well as the actual detection what text item was pressed. At first I was having issues pointing to my entity manager cleaning code which scared me somewhat, but it turns out I forgot a simple check if entities existed at all in the Game scene.

What came to mind with the menu was to implement a Text Manager to go along side my image, scene and entity managers. I figured that since there were only 3 lines of text I wouldn’t bother.

I’m also aware that these big walls of text aren’t very exciting to look at, but a game of Breakout isn’t very exciting to look at either, neither is source code. Maybe I’ll post an image of the final version. I suppose this is just for those who are curious in how I’m writing my program.