So after approximately 3 weeks I finished Pac-Man with a fairly relaxed programming schedule. It comes with its fair share of bugs but overall it works well. It doesn’t include features such as fruit and other little features but the core components work. You can eat dots, you can be eaten, you can eat ghosts, ghosts chase you etc. There’s even a nice little easy way to add new levels although you’re likely to break it if it isn’t done right. If you decide to get adventurous and modify or add new levels using the format shown in the example 3 levels be sure to delete the accompanying _nodes.txt file so it’s rebuilt. Unfortunately I didn’t really get up to doing this automatically. The source is included for those that are interested. The game uses a modified framework of SFML that’s specifically designed for my Uni’s purposes so there are a few functions in the program that you may not be familiar with if you do decide to sift through the code. Anyway, that’s it, enjoy.