date_range 22/01/2011 11:50

I’ve got yet another unit done, this one didn’t take as long to model as it was based mostly on the Bismarck, with the exception of some heavier fire power. I’m getting through the last few missions of the game now and have already made a huge list of enemies that come in each mission and each wave, now totaling to 1397 lines. I fixed a few issues with the He177 and Zepplin aircraft carrier, as they had some invisible points on the ship. I’m also getting some impressive weaponry that’ll have to be my main priority after I finish all the...


date_range 21/01/2011 14:46

Other planes seem to try too hard to get hit by a bomb. As I said yesterday, I’d post about the He177. It’s completely finished. It drops twice the payload, it’s thinner than the He111 and it’s therefore a bit more annoying. Still, it’s a great target for the Howitzer. Work on the Scharnhorst battleship is well under way, unfortunately the ‘flipped faces’ problem seems to be all over it like it was on the Bismarck, so it might take me a while before the model is done. Maybe I’ll have it ready tomorrow already. I tried to add a...

Another graphics update, normals!

date_range 21/01/2011 01:44

So I was minding my own business, practicing anger management on 3DS Max as half the ‘faces’ of the models are inverted and I have to flip them one by one (not fun when there’s thousands of faces) and tried to experiment with different settings in the Unity engine itself in hope that it could fix what SketchUp seems to export so badly (or incompatibly to 3DS Max, which I use to further refine the structure of the models). Suddenly I came across normals. I read somewhere that messing with them could possibly resolve my issue. Unfortunately not, but I did stumble across this...

Scratches Are the Latest Fashion

date_range 20/01/2011 10:41

Notice the red guideline across the ship and the texture quality differences on either side. Although I don’t have any new units to show yet, I have had a bit of a graphics improvement set up. I’ve ramped up textures from 1024×1024 to 4096×4096 and applied the necessary changes so it’s not just a simple resize. Although not all graphics cards may support this resolution, or experience somewhat of a slow-down, textures scale down nicely to 2048×2048 and 1024×1024 respectively so this shouldn’t be a disaster for those without supercomputers. The Bismarck isn't as much of a brown, grayish blob...

Coming Soon: He177 and Scharnhorst

date_range 19/01/2011 23:00

When I remembered a huge 3-barrel cannon equipped ship my memory wasn’t mistaken. The Scharnhorst and the He177 (thinner bomber with faster drop rate)  are what I’m going to try and create next. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll have any development shots ready at my usual ‘some time in the morning’ tomorrow as these ships are getting more complicated and take a bit longer to make, where once a day is making me get a lot of work done. Just a heads-up post for those curious what’s to be posted next. I’m guessing there’s a total of around 50 missions...

The Bismarck

date_range 19/01/2011 17:12

Although officially this mammoth sank about 2 years before this mission occurs, it takes one more terrifying stroll past the player's tiny island. I had been working on the Bismarck for quite a little while and was experiencing some issues with textures. As you might notice in the above screenshot they’re still fairly low quality which I’ll resolve soon, but at least they’re in place, and after repetitively making its 16 cannons functional, the rest of the ship now does too. This is probably one of the biggest, if not the biggest ship in the game, although the last time...

Zepplin again, and FW-190A1

date_range 18/01/2011 10:31

I didn’t know whether to post a picture of the Zepplin sinking or launching aircraft so I might as well do both. Two FW-190A1's taking off, along with the long shadow distance quality I mentioned in the last post. Landing gear is soooo 1943. After several cases of carpal tunnel syndrome later, I had finished the turrets and was able to work on deploying aircraft on the deck of the ship. Like I predicted, this didn’t take long and as you can see in the screenshot this is more or less done. Like in the original game, two planes spawn and take...

Zepplin Aircraft Carrier and more boring info

date_range 17/01/2011 16:09

The original Zepplin, next to a slightly more unfortunate Hipper heavy cruiser. So here we have the Zepplin. I mentioned in the last post that it wouldn’t take long to program the aircraft launching code, which I’m still fairly confident in. What I didn’t mention, as I didn’t realize for a moment how many turrets it has, is how long it would take to set up each one individually. The code for it is handled by the ship’s AI, and is a simple 2 minute copy paste job. What isn’t so simple and quick, is the entity placement. Each gun...

Panzer IV

date_range 16/01/2011 17:35

The Panzer IV next to an older Panzer I I added in the Panzer IV since it wasn’t very different programmatically compared to the original tank, so I figured it wasn’t really worth a whole day’s work. The next boat and its accompanying plane type is, however. So what kind of boat has accompanying planes? An aircraft carrier. Next up is the Zepplin aircraft carrier with its FW190A-1 plane contents. I’m actually expecting it to be a fairly simple task to create as the ability to launch aircraft with my current plan in mind doesn’t seem too tricky to program,...


date_range 16/01/2011 11:45

Here we have the U-Boat. It sinks in more ways than one, and is particularly sneaky in approaching the player. This actually brings the ‘missions possible with currently reconstructed boats and planes’ up to 23! I’ve had a bit of a slow-down with corruption yesterday which forced me to recreate the scenes, although this was restored within an hour or so. There isn’t much more units to go here. I’ll have to add in a Panzer IV and after that probably some larger ships followed somewhere near the end by a few more planes.