Windows 7

date_range 03/11/2008 20:23

Wow, I must say I’m quite impressed from what I’ve seen from the Windows 7 features that are already available right now. The superbar and the WMP12 interface are my two favorites. I’m not really sure what to write, maybe I’ll have a more interesting post not too far from now. Nothing has really happened yet.

Incursion Development #1

date_range 20/10/2008 16:08

I’ve began working on my movie now. I’ve written about it a little bit before, but I’ve finally begun. The project I’ve been day dreaming about for quite some time now, hopefully it will be as good as I think it will. After all, it’ll give me some experience. I haven’t got any media just yet, I’ll be releasing a trailer once the project is nearly finished. It looks like it’ll take a while though. I’ve done the raw footage of the introduction so far. There’s gonna be 1 or 2 other scenes plus an ending and maybe some bonus...

Photoshop Experiments

date_range 17/10/2008 19:20

I was working on some Photoshop experiments earlier today. I now know a few extra tricks, especially with the wave filter. All of these required a little effort, but they should be easy to recreate in a matter of minutes. The skill should help me a bit with other stuff, movies, games, I don’t know. Abstract More Photoshop Image Experiments I included the PSD files if anyone is interested, unfortunately some layers are combined so it’s a bit hard to deconstruct them.


date_range 17/10/2008 16:59

‘What’, you ask? It’s a visual engine. I haven’t done anything interesting programming-wise so I decided to try and get back into it. A visual engine.. oh right. I’ll try to explain it a bit more. It’s a library of code that includes 3D rendering, networking, input and more. Really useful for, you know, games! I’m not jumping into it just yet, I’m learning a little SDL now. And what is THAT? SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) is similar, but instead it’s 2 dimensional, which would be a lot easier to start with. I’m just experimenting a bit more with raw...


date_range 12/10/2008 19:20

Yay, hadn’t posted in a while so I guess this will do for yet another blog entry. I decided to go play Burnout Paradise again, and before I knew it I turned myself some trophies. Completely forgot about the free expansion pack that came out for Burnout Paradise. Night/Day, motorbikes, trophies, that should keep me busy for a while. Oh, before I forget, my PSN is JJJohan.

I’ve moved!

date_range 05/10/2008 15:50

Alright, if you’re seeing this you’ve managed to navigate your way to my new website address. From now on I’ll be using instead of the old .net website. I’ve still got full access to it, but I am no longer using it. All content should be accessible from the same place, just now with a .com extension instead of a .net!


date_range 29/09/2008 15:56

Ah, what’s this? I’ve been planning on making a small movie, no shorter than 15 minutes for a while now. Since the end of last year even, but I’ve done nothing but come up with the occasional ideas in my head. I’m thinking of starting it some time soon or otherwise I might as well cancel the whole thing since I still haven’t done anything. I should be able to film something by the next weekend if nothing comes up. Oh, of course.. What is it about? It’s your daily generic “shoot-the-bad-guys” movie, but I’ll try to keep it interesting...

Crysis Warhead

date_range 28/09/2008 15:33

I decided to give Crysis Warhead a go. It’s an excellent game, it’s a great boost to Crysis since it you can see what Psycho’s side of the story has to tell. I’ve finished it a few hours ago but I’m still just playing through it in bits and pieces just setting traps for some helpless Koreans. Crysis Warhead One thing I was especially impressed with was the music and the cinematics of the game. I haven’t really noticed them as much in the original game, so it was a nice change. I even reloaded the last part of the...

Work Experience

date_range 26/09/2008 20:27

Ahh, interesting week. Since monday I’ve been doing a week of work experience and today it came to an end. I was working as a server/system administrator over at the Royal Brisbane Hospital (Don’t ask why, but they keep ALL Queensland government servers at a hospital). They had a server room here containing over 100 servers, each about $400.000 worth. That’s right, a server room with about $40 million dollars of equipment, and also a real SUPER high-speed 1gbps INTERNET (that’s right, not just NETWORK but INTERNET) speed. Too fast for any speed test I tried, heh. I’m not actually...

Business Card

date_range 15/09/2008 22:20

Heh, I got bored so I photoshopped a little. Too scared out of my mind to be explaining anymore STALKER stories (see below) for now, pseudo dog ended up making me mental. Most of the card is blurred out, I’m too overprotective aren’t I? Business Card