Incursion Development #1

I’ve began working on my movie now. I’ve written about it a little bit before, but I’ve finally begun. The project I’ve been day dreaming about for quite some time now, hopefully it will be as good as I think it will. After all, it’ll give me some experience.

I haven’t got any media just yet, I’ll be releasing a trailer once the project is nearly finished. It looks like it’ll take a while though. I’ve done the raw footage of the introduction so far. There’s gonna be 1 or 2 other scenes plus an ending and maybe some bonus features.

All that requires extensive digital editing, because shooting at thin air ain’t cool. All in all, it’ll take me a while. That’s all I know so far. The digital editing will take extra long, but if I film every so often I should be done by the end of the month with the raw footage, and maybe by the end of that month with the digital editing. Be aware this isn’t the only thing I’m working on, I’ve got enough school things as it is. But it’ll be one of my main goals.