Fallout 3

Alright, so I managed to get my hands on Fallout 3.. It really shows that it’s one of those games by Bethesda, yet again I’ve grown the addiction I’ve had once with Oblivion. It’s similar. It’s that same recognizable engine.

It’s Oblivion with guns, blood, more blood, blood, mutants, nukes, wastelands, and other stuff that you can just dream about. It’s good, very good. I’ll try not to repeat myself on the points of the many features I’m impressed with. The only thing that’s a little more unfortunate is the constant crashes of the game, but nothing a patch can’t fix. The only real down-side is that the ending of the game is non-continuable so you’ll have to have a seperate save ready if you plan on roaming the wastelands doing other stuff instead.