Tanks Rolling Out

date_range 08/01/2011 17:18

Tanks are now rolling out, and that almost completes the task of getting land units working. The tanks themselves are nearly working as they should and randomly stroll around on the island right now, occasionally crashing into each other or running over soldiers, but they work. Getting the tanks to blow up should be easy, right after I add the rocket launcher. That pretty much completes the first few missions with all units included. Next up is the destroyer, a new plane, and a bomber! After some further revising of the Depth of Field effect, I may leave the final...

Cube Soldiers

date_range 07/01/2011 19:06

Fierce cubes marching to battle. Today I worked on the soldiers and integrating them with the landing craft, which all works well. The soldiers are placed within the craft as sub-objects therefore following all its movements and rotation until the ship is ready to unload. Then the soldiers are replaced with individual soldiers at their original positions and start marching onto the island. There’s 8 soldiers – 6 infantrymen and 2 mortar soldiers. They strafe, they shoot, and everything works. I still have to add firing delays and some slight work to the mortar crew for their final look, as...


date_range 07/01/2011 01:20

Well, I got the bugs, at the least ones that I know of, sorted so far. So I decided to work on a new unit. I wasn’t sure what to add next, although most likely the ‘destroyer’ class ship, a slightly larger ship compared to the torpedo boat. However, I knew there were still two boats, complete with their fair share of contents that came before the ‘destroyer’ in the storyline. Both of these being transport ships. The landing craft has landed, and its 'test' passenger creepily approaches me. So I’ve got the first boat done, tweaking the path finding...

Nearly New Stuff?

date_range 06/01/2011 15:24

Familiar boats and planes in a decreasingly-worrying normal environment. Well, like I mentioned in my last post, I was going to fix up some little issues first before working on new features. Turns out I’ve got most of that sorted out now and everything is falling into place. Boats avoid blasting their guns at helpless scenery, patrol boats wait their turn instead of roaring right through other ships, planes break like they’re supposed to, even better than before and Stukas no longer attain suicidal characteristics after dropping their payload on me (surprise bug?). I’ve just got to make sure the...

More menus and some bug fixes

date_range 05/01/2011 09:52

New graphics options screen complete with debugging coordinates in bottom left of game. Although screenshots of menus aren’t the most exciting features to look forward to, I figured it would suit the post since it’s what I worked on most for the past two days, including a large chunk of this morning since I couldn’t sleep. Besides, what better way to wake up than stress my brain out with programming code and bright burning white-background monitor light? Anyway, back on topic, I’ve got most of the menu system completely finished. I’m actually surprised what I was able to produce rather...

Menu screen

date_range 03/01/2011 20:05

Just like the original menu, it slowly spins around the island and as an addition, I’ve added a graphics settings screen which updates the scene in real-time very smoothly. Although a menu is probably not the most exciting feature to hear about, it really adds a sense of completion to the game and it allows it to make some sense. The only actual menus working right now are the main one shown above, the options menu (with General, Graphics and Sound sub-menus) and the graphics menu. The multiplayer button is likely to remain inactive for quite a while until the...

Unit of the Day: Stuka

date_range 02/01/2011 16:35

That moment when you start to panic and turn aimlessly searching for that annoying whistling noise from that beloved Stuka Although a ‘one unit a day’ policy isn’t something I’m going by, the Stuka  does happen to be something I added today, complete with its annoying whistling noise as it drops a big scary bomb on your head, only to become an easy target thereafter.

In-Development Trailer

date_range 02/01/2011 16:32

[jwplayer mediaid=”443″] Very early in-development video. It has a 1080P resolution so you should be able to fullscreen it on any computer. Models and textures are still simple, but the functionality is there!


date_range 01/01/2011 16:04

Rush hour, turrets and some more

date_range 31/12/2010 15:00

Work hasn’t stopped the last two days. I’ve incorporated a turret system for the boats so bullets have a place to come from, and are also completely functional complete with whizzing noises from bigger guns and the turret rotating properly. The only two features of the turret system I still have to finish are the destruction of them, which is pretty much done except for the boat’s collision system interfering at the moment and turrets ray-tracing for something in-between the player and them to leave those poor scenic rocks alone. The turret system is probably one of the main systems required for all the...