Nearly New Stuff?

Familiar boats and planes in a decreasingly-worrying normal environment.

Well, like I mentioned in my last post, I was going to fix up some little issues first before working on new features. Turns out I’ve got most of that sorted out now and everything is falling into place. Boats avoid blasting their guns at helpless scenery, patrol boats wait their turn instead of roaring right through other ships, planes break like they’re supposed to, even better than before and Stukas no longer attain suicidal characteristics after dropping their payload on me (surprise bug?).

I’ve just got to make sure the howitzer doesn’t fly all over the place, but this is probably the simplest bug to fix. Maybe the next picture will have some new content! The resolution might strike as a bit strange, it’s simply a screen capture of the editor window, this time without render statistics. Menus and everything react perfectly fine to different resolutions as they all use the center of the screen and absolute screen coordinates for positioning and detecting mouse movement.

No progress statistics just yet. Right now I’m playing through the original game again just to make sure I’m sharing the similarities and I’m not going off plotting my own game style. Due to my rather frequent testing I seem to have become increasingly skilled at the original game. Time to count how many ships there are, how many levels, how many events and so forth to keep retaining the accurate recreation of the original game. For starters, I know the ammo count is incorrect, but that’s just for testing purposes on mass plane extermination.