Time of Day

date_range 01/02/2011 18:59

If you’ve long been bored from my posts about menus then this should be a bit more interesting for you. I managed to get a random process of determining 3 levels of lighting. Day, sunrise and night. I still think my night scenes need a bit more ‘oomph’ as they, but it’s a good start. I’ve worked on the halo effect so it looks half decent when a cannon fires at the player while not looking any worse during daytime lighting. Big cannon firing the wrong way for some reason. Firing some cannons at once.

Menu Functionality (Not Menus!)

date_range 01/02/2011 18:02

Like I said, I’m done with the menus, they work, and there’s nothing more to do about them. Well, the menus work, they assign, for example whether or not to display crosshairs on the screen during the game. What I had not done yet however was the functionality in the actual game that checked for these features. After quite a long time of having to go through each unit and making their sound levels dependent to the volume levels that player set, and the other options which were much quicker to implement, I can say that these features are now done too....

More menu work, this time really done

date_range 31/01/2011 19:03

Yeah, I kinda mentioned I finished work on the menus last time but I wasn’t completely satisfied with the graphics options. Now however, they are as customizable as possible, so if you don’t like the noise, depth of field or sun shafts, you can turn them off individually instead of all at once. As for more common settings you find in most other games such as ‘vsync’ and anisotropic filtering will have to be ignored as unfortunately Unity doesn’t (currently?) support adjusting these features without changing entire quality profiles, where I only have a few of. There’s still an issue where texture...

Menu done?

date_range 30/01/2011 15:17

Settings are saved within a 'settings.cfg' file. It seems to me that I’ve managed to finish work on the menu entirely, with the two remaining Controls and Sound menus now finished as well. Settings are handled by the options screen and are transmitted to their individual sub-screens. These settings are then saved and loaded depending on whether or not there are any changes. Right now the game automatically generates a ‘settings.cfg’ file if it doesn’t already exist, although a corrupt settings.cfg file can lead to some issues. Save me some work and just don’t mess with it. A very simple...

More Options

date_range 29/01/2011 16:42

As I mentioned before, the menu is one of my main priorities right now, and in the last two days I’ve gotten quite a lot of progress done on it. The mission list works, scores are listed, profiles work, demo restrictions and now there’s another options menu. I plan to have four: General, Graphics, Audio and Controls. Right now the first two I listed are done. It turns out, sliders are very easy to make with the help of the Unity engine, so that pretty much means the audio screen shouldn’t take very long either. As for controls, I’m not...

Polishing Begins

date_range 29/01/2011 02:13

Early demo capability. Although the original game’s demo did feature multiplayer, I think I’m going to leave it out, at least if I plan on releasing a demo before full release. One of those more common ‘in development’ demos, but beyond beta stage obviously. I don’t think I’ll be posting daily with the work I’m doing on the game now, as I don’t have the original game to guide me unit by unit anymore. I’m making tweaks and right now one of my points of focus is the main menu. Here’s a summary of what I did: Demo capability. Scoring...

H Class – Done!

date_range 28/01/2011 01:52

Aside from a few see-through bits and pieces it looks fine! With these pictures, the end of the development of the enemy units is pretty much official. Although some boats and planes require some tweaks here and there, they all work and they do (mostly) what they’re supposed to be doing. As for what I’ll post next, I’m not sure yet. I do know I’ll be doing some tweaking first before I move on. </p> Wallpaper Sized + Colour Correction </div> Wallpaper sized + Colour Correction

Wrapping up with the H-Class

date_range 27/01/2011 21:30

So after a few weeks of work, I’ve finally reached the final enemy unit in the game. The ‘H-Class’ battleship. An absolutely colossal unit, and it gives the player some last few frights. Although this is the last enemy unit in the game, this still leaves me to do the support aircraft, additional weapons in the player’s arsenal and finally soldier models. My wave list has now reached 3061 lines, finally bringing it to it’s finish. I will use the information I have written down to later recreate all 69 missions (No idea why they didn’t round it up to 70, I definitely...


date_range 26/01/2011 21:56

Don’t panic just because I was away for a day, I’m still working on it! Well, after 58 missions or so I’ve rediscovered the ‘Komet’. Some sort of experimental military jet in rather noticeable red, capable of firing both bullets and rockets. A rather underwhelming fire effect right now. So ofcourse the straight-forward thing that comes to mind when seeing the original Komet is to recreate it.  It has a few little issues, such as bullets appearing a little too ‘perfectly parallel’ here, as well as the flame trail looking a little strange. Yup, a rocket. (Missile?) Repetitive obligatory sun-ray...

A Developmental Video of the Tirpitz

date_range 24/01/2011 23:42

I decided to do something different rather than just a screenshot and a bit of info, so I’ll show you how I made it! Let me just post a few quick notes about the video though. It’s a sped-up video of me developing the Tirpitz battleship. There are a few issues and bits missing in the video which I’ll quickly mention. The modeling wasn’t shown as I figured I’d probably make too many mistakes and it’d just get pointless to watch in the 20x speed version anyway. The title for some reason cut out and I’m guessing the music doesn’t...