QUT Excursion

date_range 18/02/2009 19:13

I ended up going to QUT, Queensland University of Technology today after school. I’m still quite amazed, because I was selected as one out of only two students from my school, totalling to only 6 students at QUT. Our task was to give feedback on a website which lasted for two hours. The time went considerably fast, it was surprisingly enjoyable too. These excursions are what really keeps it fun for me, wonder what’s going on in the future!

Popular Proxy Searches

date_range 12/02/2009 21:19

Here’s a small compiled list of the most popular sites visitted through the proxy. This month actually has Myspace as the most-visited site, but as it’s fairly early in the month I’m showing last month’s results. There were quite a lot of other sites with thousands of views, consisting mainly of flash games and socialising sites.

Killzone 2

date_range 08/02/2009 14:18

Killzone 2 is one of the latest most-wanted games on the PS3, and it seems to have really improved from its predecessor, Killzone. Killzone 2 has astonishing graphis, amazing gameplay, great sound, great AI, you name it, it just has great potential. Those fortunate enough to have a PS3 may have already played the demo released earlier this week on the Playstation Store. I’ve played through it about 4 times now and am quite excited for the full version of the game. The only downside is I can’t seem to dismember any troopers with explosives, but this seems to be...

LG “Renoir” KC910

date_range 04/02/2009 20:44

The LG KC910, nicknamed the Renoir., is the latest touch-based smart phone model released by LG. I’ve received it for Christmas so this article is a little late, but I figured it’s better now than never, I’ve actually got some experience with it now. One of the cool features about it is the main interface. It has widgets, which run similar to those of Windows Vista and 7’s gadgets. You simply drag them onto the interface and you can use several little handy tools such as a weather checker, a calender and more, and if the display is full you...

Windows 7 Public Beta Released

date_range 11/01/2009 18:58

The Windows 7 public beta has officially gone live yesterday. Originally 2.5 million keys would be handed out, but this limit was immediately reached due to popular demand and unlimited keys were handed out on the first day of release. If you weren’t lucky enough to get one, you can still download the 32-bit or 64-bit version for free to use as a 30 day trial. Windows 7 brings many new exciting new features that are definately worth upgrading to if you have the time. I’m using it as my main OS right now and have had no problems since,...

Happy New Year + NVidia’s Ambient Occlusion

date_range 05/01/2009 00:32

Happy new year guys, quite exciting to have yet another year pass and once again, personally having the frustration of still thinking it’s 2008 :(. Anyway, in some other news I just found out about some new NVidia drivers. They’re not yet listed on NVidia’s official site as they’re leaked versions (then again, perfectly legal). The new 185.20 drivers. Another driver release, the typical improvements? Nah, a bit more than that: Half Life 2 Comparison Open these in two seperate tabs to see real differences: Call of Duty 4 – ON Call of Duty 4 – OFF Some people have...

Loading time issues resolved

date_range 30/12/2008 16:57

An issue with certain incompatibilities with WordPress plug-in has been fixed so the page no longer takes an excessively long time to load. The rest of the site still functions normally.

Merry Christmas!

date_range 29/12/2008 00:54

Merry Christmas to everyone, hope everyone had some rather exciting presents they received, I sure enjoyed mine! 2009’s right around the corner, I’m quite curious to see what’ll be happening next year.


date_range 19/12/2008 14:17

Ogre was increasingly difficult for me to manage, so once again I had moved engines. It’s always a good idea to stick with something, but for someone who has not had extensive knowledge previously in programming, Ogre was not the best way to do things. So I moved to Irrlicht. Irrlicht seems quite similar to Ogre3D. It uses some similar features which helps with the migration to the new engine, but it is a lot easier to manage. No external plug-ins are required for most basic actions, and it is more than just a rendering engine with all of the...

Core i7

date_range 16/12/2008 01:03

Core i7. The new CPU architecture from Intel. It has now been out for about roughly 2 weeks, and it’s both cheaper and faster than the almighty QX9950 processors. Though Cheaper might not be the correct word. There are 3 models. The 920 – 2.66ghz ($400ish) , 940  – 2.93ghz ($600ish) and 965 3.2Ghz (a mighty $2000-3000ish). The cheapest of these, the 920 has beaten the QX9950 processors in most performances tests, which is great because it is faster and cheaper, and shows the Core i7 is a great and succesful starting architecture from Intel. Some of the highlights are that it uses...