GTX300 Product Line Revealed

date_range 10/12/2009 12:00

Other than the rebranded GT210 that was released as a GT310, finally some actual details have showed up. Hmm 3 billion transistors.

Gran Turismo 5 Demo!

date_range 05/12/2009 18:50

I’m trying to post roughly once a day now, but I figured that would get boring fast and there wouldn’t be any point in reading this blog. I’ll keep it to a minimum of once a week or so, but a few times a week can’t hurt. Anyway, I’m quite a big fan of the Gran Turismo franchise, and it’s not much fun waiting for Gran Turismo 5 when you hear it ain’t coming out until March 2010. However, apparentely the demo is soon to be released, on the 17th. It’s something I definitely wanna check out. is a...

More jailbreaking..

date_range 04/12/2009 14:27

</a> I’ve made my lockscreen a little more exciting, I still don’t know if it’s ideal but I might leave it like this for a while, it looks more professional.<a


date_range 04/12/2009 00:35

Yeah, I decided to jailbreak my iPhone 3GS. The first thing I installed on it was a PS1 emulator, titled psx4iphone. The next thing I did was put one of my favourite games on it from the PS1, Gran Turismo 2 (I never played the first one, eek!) It runs at roughly 10fps unfortunately, but it’s really fun nonetheless. I also ran Crash Bandicoot 3, though I have not taken any pictures of it. I also purchased Simcity 3000, which very accurately portrays the old PC version released a few years ago. It’s really fun to play!


date_range 29/11/2009 17:23

Yay, 8 or 9 weeks away from school. Now to find something to do during that time :/. There’s nothing interesting going on so far, although the ATI 5890 just came out, which is an outstanding 31cm long, and has a nasty $999 price tag.

26 days and Modern Warfare 2

date_range 18/11/2009 16:03

No real reason why I chose this particular day, but in roughly 26 days some very exciting stuff happens for me. It’s a bit hard to say what, considering it hasn’t happened yet, other than my friend’s birthday who is coincidentally turning 17 on the same day. I’ll even post a bunch of pictures of myself if all goes well, should be fun! In other news, I also got my hands on the recently released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I’ve never really played much of the original ones, I did like the first 2 and 3 that I...


date_range 28/10/2009 21:48

Haven’t updated again in a while, so I might just post a little bit more simplified things instead of anything even remotely interesting. First up, some screenshots I took from my iPhone, of the interface itself instead of using the camera. The main interface with Optus’s wonderful coverage of 0%. Popeye! GTI Racing.


date_range 07/10/2009 20:10

Yay! I bought an iPhone 3GS 32GB! It’s amazingly fast. I’d post more, but it’s far too exciting just using it. The downside is for some reason I happened to have one of the less wonderful Windows set-ups at the time of installing iTunes so I had the most wonderful 90 minutes getting iTunes installed without permission errors and registry problems.


date_range 29/09/2009 22:42

Yay! Finally got my first platinum trophy. Took me an awful while, but hey, it keeps me wanting to play a game. Almost got my second one as well, since I was already nearly done with another game. I don’t really get anything for these trophies but it feels like a proper achievement. On an unrelated note, just had this a few seconds ago:

Uncharted – El Dorado Megamix

date_range 23/09/2009 13:12

Recently gotten back into Uncharted on the PS3 in the lost hope of trying to get a platinum trophy, but noticed this song when I was looking for treasures.. in walkthroughs. Spend 30 minutes getting the audio player to actually work due to some PHP restrictions I had to sort out. [audio:]