date_range 29/09/2008 15:56

Ah, what’s this? I’ve been planning on making a small movie, no shorter than 15 minutes for a while now. Since the end of last year even, but I’ve done nothing but come up with the occasional ideas in my head. I’m thinking of starting it some time soon or otherwise I might as well cancel the whole thing since I still haven’t done anything. I should be able to film something by the next weekend if nothing comes up. Oh, of course.. What is it about? It’s your daily generic “shoot-the-bad-guys” movie, but I’ll try to keep it interesting...

Crysis Warhead

date_range 28/09/2008 15:33

I decided to give Crysis Warhead a go. It’s an excellent game, it’s a great boost to Crysis since it you can see what Psycho’s side of the story has to tell. I’ve finished it a few hours ago but I’m still just playing through it in bits and pieces just setting traps for some helpless Koreans. Crysis Warhead One thing I was especially impressed with was the music and the cinematics of the game. I haven’t really noticed them as much in the original game, so it was a nice change. I even reloaded the last part of the...

Work Experience

date_range 26/09/2008 20:27

Ahh, interesting week. Since monday I’ve been doing a week of work experience and today it came to an end. I was working as a server/system administrator over at the Royal Brisbane Hospital (Don’t ask why, but they keep ALL Queensland government servers at a hospital). They had a server room here containing over 100 servers, each about $400.000 worth. That’s right, a server room with about $40 million dollars of equipment, and also a real SUPER high-speed 1gbps INTERNET (that’s right, not just NETWORK but INTERNET) speed. Too fast for any speed test I tried, heh. I’m not actually...

Business Card

date_range 15/09/2008 22:20

Heh, I got bored so I photoshopped a little. Too scared out of my mind to be explaining anymore STALKER stories (see below) for now, pseudo dog ended up making me mental. Most of the card is blurred out, I’m too overprotective aren’t I? Business Card

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky

date_range 14/09/2008 16:06

Woo, got my hands on the new Stalker. I’m having some great moments, though there seems to be an issue with FPS at the moment. I’m not the only one so I doubt it’s me.. Should be patched soon. I’ve ran through sections of the old game, and it is now much scarier. I’ll give two examples of just plain randomness. The best thing about it is, it isn’t scripted, it isn’t set up, it won’t happen the same way again. It’s completely random and unexpected. I was happily walking along an old street in Cordon with a seriously unfunny...

Time for something new..

date_range 04/09/2008 18:04

I reckon it’d be time to write something new, but there hasn’t been going on that much lately. I might start filming a little film soon, not sure yet. I haven’t got anything to write about right now, I’ve been bored all week. Awaiting the release of some of the more exciting games. Far Cry 2, Spore (Out now, yay), Stalker: Clear Skies.. oh and when was Gran Turismo 5’s full version coming out again? Hope it hasn’t been delayed.. On a totally unrelated topic, I’ve managed to find my sun glasses, oh so colourful.


date_range 18/08/2008 19:50

I’ve decided I’d publicly post a very early release of a small game I’ve been working on. It uses a pre-existing game engine based on Basic available at 3DGameStudio. I’ve been spending a little bit of time on it and have used an example level provided elsewhere and have focused more on the actual code that keeps the game running. I am still attempting to improve frame rate as I am yet to focus on code optimization. The game itself consists of the player spawning in a small room filled with a few zombies. I have been able to write...


date_range 15/08/2008 17:15

Wow, I managed to kill my own computer with some virus. Time to reinstall, ugh. That wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve done in a while. On my PS3 right now with Linux, nothing to do until then. With a bit of luck I can keep the files I had. Small blog post today, but then again, who expected me to kill my own computer with my own virus? Basically I’ve just told it to reinstall Vista Ultimate 64-bit over the old installation so hopefully I keep the files with the new installation, which would be nice. No I don’t have...

Tech Stuff

date_range 12/08/2008 19:48

Hmm, not much to report this week, or today. I’m not really up to anything lately, had some exciting moments at school today, though. Anyway, the only interesting thing here at home I can think of right now is pretty much what I’ve done with my Playstation 3. I have a nice set-up now after installing Linux on it. Yellow Dog Linux 6 to be exact. I’m in the process of modding it further with other apps and stuff, but mostly just experimenting to see what I can do. I know some readers aren’t really into the more technical details...

Adobe After Effects

date_range 05/08/2008 20:38

Okay, I haven’t posted for a while again so I’ll write a new exciting story. What have I been doing lately? Well then. I’ve started to learn how to use a program called Adobe After Effects. If you don’t know already, it is a video editing program that allows the user to add in very complex visual effects and other changes that you can generally not do in your everyday Windows Movie Maker. Well I won’t go in any detail about the boring bits so I’ll post two videos I’ve created. Unfortunately something seems to be causing my videos to...