date_range 28/07/2008 19:06 What am I doing? I haven’t posted for a while so I’m going to try to help add a friend’s site to Google so he can stop asking for help. Hopefully this helps a little.


date_range 11/07/2008 01:34

Yay, cool I’m 15. Unfortunately It’s 1:30AM in the morning of my Birthday so I don’t have much to post. Maybe later.

Small Programs

date_range 07/07/2008 17:07

Ok, it’s been a while and I hadn’t released something yet so I’ll put my number guessing program up. It’s not going to be terribly exciting or entertaining so don’t get your hopes up. Just something I was stuffing around with. You can get the file here, find a readme here and view the source code here. I’ve also uploaded three extra little programs that may be a bit more fun to use/watch. Fake BSOD (blue screen of death). No way to get out with it without task manager or alt tabbing. Put it in the startup folder for the...

PS3 2.40 and programming

date_range 02/07/2008 20:42

Yay, the latest Playstation 3 update is out. 2.40, now we’ve got in-game XMB, trophies, etc. Cool. I hope Meal Gear Solid 4 updates with this. As for the “programming” part in the title, since yesterday I’ve been designing a number guessing game in its simplest text-based form as a console application. The game itself was done yesterday, but I’m adding a few extra options at the moment. Change the background limit, add a guessing limit, allow to save and load options, save and load statistics, see how many guesses you made, your average guessing percentage and so on. Maybe...

Updating and Blog

date_range 02/07/2008 12:11

You may notice the site is a little empty right now, and I won’t be able to post much today because I’m going to fine-tune the forum and I’ll occasionally look for interesting plugins to install in my blog. I would like to repeat something I have stated in the final entry of my last site. I said, I would probably use the site as a blog if there is no more exclusive content to be posted (for now), but, this also stated that I would not overdo it as a news blog. I’m not going to as much as...

The site has changed!

date_range 01/07/2008 07:36

Help! What happened to the site? Let me explain. I wasn’t using much of the old design and since that was so complicated and unnecessary for what I’m posting, I might as well switch to WordPress. All those features are lost you say? Well.. Forum upgraded All features that are gone weren’t used anyway Easier to manage Easier to use Easier 😀 </ul> But it is quite a big switch so it may take a little while to get used to. If you think the comment system is a little limited you can post something in the Forum and I’ll...