date_range 28/10/2009 21:48

Haven’t updated again in a while, so I might just post a little bit more simplified things instead of anything even remotely interesting. First up, some screenshots I took from my iPhone, of the interface itself instead of using the camera. The main interface with Optus’s wonderful coverage of 0%. Popeye! GTI Racing.


date_range 07/10/2009 20:10

Yay! I bought an iPhone 3GS 32GB! It’s amazingly fast. I’d post more, but it’s far too exciting just using it. The downside is for some reason I happened to have one of the less wonderful Windows set-ups at the time of installing iTunes so I had the most wonderful 90 minutes getting iTunes installed without permission errors and registry problems.


date_range 29/09/2009 22:42

Yay! Finally got my first platinum trophy. Took me an awful while, but hey, it keeps me wanting to play a game. Almost got my second one as well, since I was already nearly done with another game. I don’t really get anything for these trophies but it feels like a proper achievement. On an unrelated note, just had this a few seconds ago:

Uncharted – El Dorado Megamix

date_range 23/09/2009 13:12

Recently gotten back into Uncharted on the PS3 in the lost hope of trying to get a platinum trophy, but noticed this song when I was looking for treasures.. in walkthroughs. Spend 30 minutes getting the audio player to actually work due to some PHP restrictions I had to sort out. [audio:]


date_range 23/09/2009 12:23

All over Australia we’re getting dust storms from Western Australia. It seems to have affected Sydney the most but it’s also showing up a lot here in Brisbane. Here’s some nice photos I found, none are edited in any way.

Driver’s License

date_range 21/09/2009 01:29

I’m quite late with this now, but figured better now than never. Got my learner’s license just over a week ago, and have just about overcome my fear of clutches. Yay!

Tower Defence

date_range 27/08/2009 20:41

I’ve been working on a simple tower defence game for a school project for the past few days now. It’s coming along pretty nicely and I’ve finished a decent level editor for it. Saving, loading, AI pathfinding, all the nice things. Showing my signs of lack of style. I’ll release it on here some time when it’s completely finished. We’re restricted to Visual Basic 6.0 – aka 1998 software, but ah well.

The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon

date_range 16/08/2009 21:48

One of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while. Too bad it’s not a real movie. It’s been taken down due to copyright claims, and I’m not going to host it here or it’ll suffer the same fate. If you can find it by any other means (not sure if it’s shown anywhere else legally) then I do recommend you have a look, it’s a great work of art.


date_range 08/08/2009 16:50

It’s been a while since I posted so I figured I might add a little update. No images to go along with this one since I had closed the rendering program when I was done. Basically, I rendered a video for a friend of mine, Tom, who’s been going crazy with rollercoasters, you can view some of his videos over at <>/. I’ve rendered his latest addition, and surprisingly, the whole 5 minute video took me 1 minute to render. That’s a little quicker than the last system I had! Youtube seems to be acting up on my posts so...

Getting there…

date_range 12/07/2009 23:08

Told you I was gonna try to reach 5Ghz. Glitches aside, I’m quite enjoying it so far.