Yay, iPhone 4!

date_range 30/07/2010 16:50

Now, who has Face Time?

Back into iPhone Programming.. GoVia update soon

date_range 27/06/2010 23:06

I’ve decided to update the GoVia app after a long time of absence. It is a simple app and doesn’t require a lot of management. I can’t add a lot of features such as direct money transfers due to Translink’s current policy but I will be upgrading the interface to use a similar sort of system that the ‘My Go Card’ app used. The reason I can distribute the GoVia app while not the Go Card app is because GoVia is managed by a different department of Translink. The Go Card app may or may not be re-released if Translink...

New app?

date_range 07/06/2010 17:44

Ever since Translink has asked me to take down my Go Card app (and ironically at the same time when I was beginning to earn a drastically increasing amount of profit from it) I haven’t done much with apps, other than create a reasonably fun zombie game. I’ve noticed my Go Via app still sells about 5-10 units a week, and I might release an update for it if I can think of anything people might like. As for a new app, I really need to get some ideas together.

iPhone OS 4

date_range 09/04/2010 11:55

Time to try out the new phone OS from Apple! I’m a developer so I get early access to it, though I won’t be able to list anything about it here, they’ve got enough rules about it.

More iPhone Programming – Now With Zombies!

date_range 24/03/2010 00:55

I’ve started working with Cocos2D, a rather popular game engine for the iPhone, making it a little easier to manage games and such. Right now I’m working on a zombie project of mine, everyone loves zombies anyway. I know I haven’t posted for a while so here’s a screenshot to compensate:

Gotta love beta testing..

date_range 21/02/2010 21:34

Disqus Comments

date_range 14/02/2010 11:34

I’ve installed and integrated a plugin on my site that will allow users to login simply on any part of my site, and remain logged in on the rest of the site. Unfortunately in my case there aren’t really any other content management systems installed on my site, although it can’t help to be future proof right?

And some more..

date_range 10/02/2010 16:38

This seems to be the only thing I’m talking about lately, although it’s really caught my interest. Anyway, another post about the ‘My Go Card’ app. No, it’s not gone free, sorry. Although I’ve just released another update, bringing it up to version 2.0, with more features already planned. Here’s a list of changes: -Fixed display error in ‘History’ tab -Removed possible repetition bug during login process -Reworked internet check code to be slightly faster -Completely rewrote ‘History’ tab *’History’ tab is now more compact, all details are in one cell. *’History’ tab is now more future proof and easier...

More Go Card Programming

date_range 09/02/2010 22:47

I’ve been spending most of the week so far working on several new versions of the ‘My Go Card’ app for the iPhone. I’ve been learning a lot, and I’ve written a whole lot of new stuff, it’s really educational and entertaining to me. I’ll post some pictures once I’m done with a few more features! Alternatively, a very simple information page for the ‘My Go Card’ and ‘My GoVia’ apps can be found respectively at the following links: My Go Card – My GoVia –

My Go Card

date_range 26/01/2010 18:42

I have, after some time and money, got my iPhone Developer Program enrollment accepted, and have submitted my first app to the Australian Appstore. The app allows you to check your current card balance along with the last access date which can be a handy tool when you’re constantly on the move. It’s $1.19, which hopefully doesn’t put people off, and it’s a fairly good alternative to having to use a computer to check your balance.