Hacked, Delays, etc.

date_range 15/10/2010 16:27

Well there’s two little things to write about recently so I decided to do that before I end up with a whole pile of stories within a single post. Firstly, the site got hacked. I don’t know how, and why, but thankfully it’s back online due to some really great support from my hosting company. There isn’t really much to say about it, but if anyone reads this you’ll probably have noticed the big white page with some details for the past few days. Hopefully that won’t happen again! Secondly, yeah I know I mentioned my iPhone app a while...

Tick Tock, Apple…

date_range 08/10/2010 17:30

I know I’ve said about a week ago I would post an update, but Apple appears to be taking longer than usual at reviewing my app, and has been in review since my last post. I don’t know for sure how much longer it’ll be but it should definitely be quite soon.

Game Update – All that’s left is.. Argh, sound!

date_range 28/09/2010 15:01

Well, I’ve sorted all the current problems I could find and am pretty much ready for release, after a week of long programming. It was a great to experience to learn so much new from the things I attempted to do in the game and barely succeeded with at multiple occasions. The only problem is, sound. I’ve got sound, I have headphones, a sound card, blah, but turns out the sound configuration on my Mac OS died a tragic death. While messing around with the system files, Mac OSX died a tragic death. I’m nearly done recovering it, I’m just...

Game Update – A few things left..

date_range 26/09/2010 21:13

I’m nearly done now, except for a few small things. After spending half an hour setting up achievements and scoreboards for Game Center I suddenly decided to switch to Open Feint so those good people that don’t have an iPhone 4 or 4th generation iPod Touch can benefit too. A bit more specific than my progress list a few posts below, to do: – Fix something (forgot what it was) – Add OpenFeint – Add Sound – Finish 3rd gamemode (4th one is done) And that’s pretty much it! Although OpenFeint may take a while since I’ll have to sort...

Game Update – Half way!

date_range 25/09/2010 20:49

Well I didn’t expect to get this much done in one day but it turns out I’ve managed to finish not only the first gamemode which was nearing completion yesterday, but also finish the second one. I predicted the second one would be quick, as it did not require a lot of coding but this was faster than expected. I’ve managed to fix a few issues from the first gamemode too so those won’t bug anyone, and finally fixed my “tap” detection that was bugging me for a while. Gamemodes 3 and 4 are going to be the hardest yet,...

Game progress!

date_range 25/09/2010 00:13

I’ve been making good progress lately with my iPhone app, pretty much spending my entire days programming it. Yeah, that’s my type of holiday! The base of the game is pretty much finished, and all I’m doing now is finishing up the remaining parts. I plan on having a little list of completed features here so you can see what I’m up to. I’m probably updating this no more than once a day so I don’t get carried away, and I figured it’s more interesting than posting nothing new. The game will have four modes to choose from, each having...

Another iPhone Game!

date_range 23/09/2010 01:16

I’m working on another iPhone game! With enough free time these holidays I should get something decent working by the end of the week. I must say, I’m surprised it hasn’t already been released on the app store, but I’m putting my time in it to get some real quality of it. More details soon, I don’t want the spoil the info yet.

Le GreenBoy & Dirty Girl

date_range 12/09/2010 20:35

httpv:// This three minute short film was recently linked to me by it’s producer, Jerome Genevray, who suggested I had a look. I found it quite entertaining to watch as it portrays the pure contrasting levels of going green, as our friendly neighbourhood super hero, Le GreenBoy stops those littering pests he encounters.  A fun short film to watch, definitely has a good humouristic style to it, thanks for the link Jerome!

Long needed Zombie Survival update finally out

date_range 13/08/2010 17:19

With the release of iOS 4 now several weeks ago, most of the game features were broken in the ‘Zombie Survival’ app. I’ve released an update that should fix a large list of features and it should be available on the App Store soon. The changelog is actually long enough to be considered too long for this post, but let’s just say most of the changes are fixes rather than new features, although there are also some speed improvements. Another update should be released later to fix a few known issues as well as try to increase the performance of...


date_range 04/08/2010 22:09