Second year of QANTM

So I found out some interesting things today at QANTM. Firstly the entire campus is moving in less than five weeks and somehow I was never informed but ah well.

Secondly, the course I had today, ‘Managing New Media Projects’, involves an entire tutorial group which in my case consists of 28 people working together to develop a simple game. The purpose of this course is not the actual end product but the process of project management. In both cases of this and the actual project, it appears that out of all 28 people, I’m the only programmer. Oh ****.

So in my one-man army as Tech lead (leading.. what?) I’m going to be responsible for hosting source versioning control,  ‘coding’ the game (obviously) and integrating all assets into a compatible format. Fortunately for me the entire group has chosen to use Unity which pretty much means there’s not really any programming to do (although that’s a bit boring for me but it leaves me plenty of room for my other courses). Basically me and a few designers will use Unity’s simple integrated JavaScript language to make a 2D sidescroller of some sort.

What this also means is that my very exciting space project no longer has any real use, although I will most likely continue it as a side project for fun.