The start of the untitled space thingy

Over the past two days I’ve made my little SFML & TinyXML powered project. Today I implemented input, which in the case of SFML already having an input system all I needed to do was forward the hooks to the game entities in my entity manager.

Right now it isn’t much; quite literally just some simple sprites on the screen, but the actual core mechanics are more or less done. I’ve made a short and fairly meaningless recording of XML configs that at this point pretty much determine all the content in the game, and it will most likely stay this way for the actual purpose of it.

If you can’t view the above please upgrade to a browser from the  last 3 or 4 years ago, seriously.

Essentially I show three basic sprites being loaded at set time intervals and eventually play back a sine wave movement pattern. The fact the sine wave movement can be replicated with a single line of code from the C math library is not relevant, the actual data driven system is.

Right now I’m hesitant to go any further as I have yet to receive any confirmation of what the group project is going to be, but this should at least give me some breathing room for the first week or so. The last item I might implement is the actual bullet firing which hopefully will result in some very artistic programmer art.