Finally Fixed

Fortunately I got Unity working again after a helpful reply from support. I’m now realizing my programming interest kind of stands out when I’m bored when not doing so.

Anyway, it’s been due for a while but I wanted to post my test animation. I found the soldier model online somewhere (it was a free model) and decided to use it as I had no idea how to animate. Thanks to a bit of Youtube scanning I figured it out and got a sequence of animations saved with the model.

M16s were all the rage back in WW2.. (test model, test model!)

Unfortunately I couldn’t actually relocate the model during its animation cycle, and was too tired to realize I was meant to move the model and not the biped (the animation skeleton for a human figure {I think}).

Something went wrong with the water and depth of field effect here.

And a few shots with Unity’s updated engine, since it’s been a while since I posted.

Backwards AA fire. Fixed it right after seeing this screenshot.

Development is likely to slow for a bit as I really want to figure out the schedule of my college which instead of starting today ends up being Wednesday or so. There were some nice images including an underwater effect that was unexpectedly added in with the new water although most of the cool features such as big waves and underwater aren’t really necessary in this game anyway.