I just came back today from my orientation at QANTM, which is an institute that I’ve applied for to do a Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment with a major in Programming. I’ve been accepted and lessons start next Monday. I believe this is going to be great experience and allow me to learn a vast library of knowledge. QANTM is a college that actually provides university-level degrees in a faster timespan (2 years rather than 3). This is not due to any course trimming, it’s due to its Trimester system with very few holidays, giving the courses I undertake more relevance in the field, as it’s a rapidly changing industry.

It’s certainly been a while since I posted anything not to do with my game project but I figured this applied as decent content to post.

As for the game project, I’ll be continuing on it, although plans for distribution have been cancelled. At the same time, it’s providing me with a lot of knowledge on how game mechanics work in a 3D environment. Before the project I had no knowledge of 3D Modelling, and now I have learned my fair share of such activities. Animation, modelling, more programming, some maths (Quaternions and Euler angles, although I have barely covered them.) I’m bound to increase my knowledge over my bachelor course.