Fighter planes, Less Banking

The worthy screenshot where the P-38 gets its very first kill.

Yep, the hardest support aircraft of them all, the fighter planes are somewhat working. As pictured above, the P-38 kills a BF109G. There is absolutely no posing or aid involved here besides creeping up close in a custom pause mode to take this screenshot. It’s actually quite interesting to program proper artificial intelligence into one of these planes to take down something else for me, where my own AI is actually making life easier for me.

Right now the fighter planes target a couple of meters in front of the plane, and this works at some angles and directly behind the plane. Right now the fighter planes use somewhat of a godly turning rate, and I may or may not have to have a bigger invisible target area specifically designed for the fighter planes if they are to be any use to the player and hit their target at more realistic looking turning speeds.

A better angle to see that the tail has been blown off.

Unfortunately the roll-effect I added yesterday isn’t exactly working as it should yet (as planes seem to spazz out and go crazy at low frame rates) and I’ll have to further revise it later on. Hopefully the only thing I’ll have to do is multiply the angle chance by the time multiplier rather than the entire formula. Talking about low frame rates, something seems to be causing these occasionally and I’m not sure yet whether or not it’s due to the fighter planes. I haven’t actually experienced it lately anymore which is a good sign that I may have already solved the problem.

Now that the fighter planes are mostly done, there’s a good sign that missions can start soon. Right now I predict that either at the end of this week or next week I’ll be ready to begin on those! I know I keep changing my ‘to-do’ list and reposting it, but here it is one last time, after intense thoughts making sure I wouldn’t miss anything.

To-Do before missions:

  • Plane banking
  • support plane UI
  • howitzer bug
  • soldier models

To-Do before game is finished:

Plane banking
  • support plane UI
  • howitzer bug
  • map
  • winning
  • fade in title
  • missions (69)
  • special missions
  • multiplayer
  • upgraded weapons
  • soldier models
  • score screen
  • tutorials