Bombers Done, Support Aircraft 25% Total?

I managed to go crazy and finish all the required models for the support aircraft yesterday, with some needing a bit more work, but this saves me a lot of work later on. There are four development stages that I am focusing on with these aircraft.

  1. Bombers
  2. Torpedo Bombers
  3. Fighter Planes
  4. Enemy Retaliation

Why there was a huge explosion in the background is beyond me, but it looks nice anyway.

The bombers are done, so that’s good news. It was fairly easy to program, simply using the enemy bombers and giving them some different values and different bombs. Ground units are programmed to expect splash damage from these bombs and it works very well. Some extra work that would benefit all support planes was to create their spawn and their exit. Torpedo bombers should be very similar to the bombers, although what worries me mostly is the fighter planes, with enemy retaliation hopefully not being too difficult besides getting regular planes to chase them. I may have to leave this feature out, as fighters and regular planes may end up chasing each other’s tails quite literally.

Thanks guys! How I miraculously survived is another story.

Only the B17 is shown here, although the B29 is completely modeled and I would imagine 95% similar (programming-wise) in comparison to the B19 I’ll probably finish it off later today.