Back to Basics

Three bombers with slightly souped up bombs are finally let free after promising not to shoot them down.

Although I can imagine most games are developed with their simple features done first, namely score and the ability to lose, I seem to have veered way off course and ended up doing everything else before the very basics that make the game (or most games anyway). So I let loose a couple of He111 bombers with slightly-more-nuclear-than-the-usual-0% bombs and surprise, surprise, I died. It’s extremely simple in this particular game as the only thing that really happens is a dramatic tear-inducing song plays and you’re presented with this screen.

The inevitable screen. Please excuse the health bar going sub-zero. If you're wondering where the third bomber is, it crashed into the front one and plummeted into some happy rocks.

Scoring is also done, with the most ‘complex’ features of it previously finished (loading, total score, etc.) all I had to do was add one variable to accumulate the player’s score each time a unit dies, with the amount depending on the unit. Currently health isn’t calculated in with the final score, neither is the score saved as I am yet to make the actual mission success possible. Right now I’m using a simple testing scene that I’ve been using pretty much since the very start of the development, and I will have these mission-specific tasks performed during actual mission creation.

Missions are coming closer and closer to being my next priority. There’s a few small things left, as well as support aircraft, upgraded weapons and the map! Right now I’m most likely going to pick the support aircraft as my next task.