Processing All Ships

Since I lined up the boats for editing, I figured I might as well take a screenshot of all the units in one image, excluding tanks/soldiers. The black dots are waypoints that happened to be in the scene.

Although there isn’t a great number of ships in the game, each ship does have on average about 16 guns or so, so although adding additional lighting as well as the sinking effect I added to the Hipper not long ago isn’t that significant, it did take a while to apply to all the other ships.

Progress is still going nicely, and I made a little list of what’s left to do before I start on the missions, roughly in the order of how I’m going to do them:

  1. Add scoring
  2. Ability to die
  3. Add support aircraft
  4. Add upgraded weapons
  5. Map screen

Yup, not a whole lot, nearly done! Tasks 3, 4 and 5 are likely to be done throughout the development of the missions as they aren’t really used until later in the game, but I’ll see what I end up doing.

Just for the fun of it, all the units selected to display all their light ranges, bounding boxes, etc. The cargo ship's bounding box has since been converted to a mesh collider. Planes use cubes for easier targeting while still retaining some realism.