Ship Sinking Effects

Destroyed cannon fire as well as explosions still need some lighting added.

After the Hipper in the above screenshot happily volunteered to be blown to bits after it was helplessly dragged from my impressive selection of ships to choose from into the water, I started working on the state of ships as they were sinking. They sink and all, but in the original game there was often an audible orchestra of explosions and groans here and there as you created somewhat of a ‘Pearl Harbor ‘effect around you. This appears to be working very well, with the occasional random explosion occurring around the ship as intended.

Unfortunately I think I’m going to have to go through all the ships yet again to add a simple light to each turret’s fire effect when they’re destroyed. This should improve the looks of their destruction although it’ll take me a while to do that. Yesterday I went through all the ships adjusting their fire effect which resulted in impressive visuals during night time.