Menu Functionality (Not Menus!)

Like I said, I’m done with the menus, they work, and there’s nothing more to do about them. Well, the menus work, they assign, for example whether or not to display crosshairs on the screen during the game. What I had not done yet however was the functionality in the actual game that checked for these features. After quite a long time of having to go through each unit and making their sound levels dependent to the volume levels that player set, and the other options which were much quicker to implement, I can say that these features are now done too. The only feature that isn’t yet implemented is the tutorials, which I’ll wait for until I begin with the individual missions. Right now I want to get everything ‘global’ done so I don’t waste time by having to go back through each level one by one (There’s 69 missions, it gets repetitive).

Right now I’m working on the random time-of-day feature. In the original game, it was either day, dawn, dusk or night. I plan to possibly add some weather effects in the mix as well but that depends if I can get a nice rain shader to work on all the boats and planes as well. Once I get this done, I can probably have something screenshot-worthy again.