More menu work, this time really done

Yeah, I kinda mentioned I finished work on the menus last time but I wasn’t completely satisfied with the graphics options. Now however, they are as customizable as possible, so if you don’t like the noise, depth of field or sun shafts, you can turn them off individually instead of all at once. As for more common settings you find in most other games such as ‘vsync’ and anisotropic filtering will have to be ignored as unfortunately Unity doesn’t (currently?) support adjusting these features without changing entire quality profiles, where I only have a few of.

There’s still an issue where texture size enforcement seems to affect the menu as well. I can probably solve this by either increasing the minimum texture size or by excluding the feature on menus somehow. Fortunately the graphics menu does more than just appear for show, with a significant 5x performance increase. I assume 534FPS equates to something playable on more outdated hardware.