Menu done?

Settings are saved within a 'settings.cfg' file.

It seems to me that I’ve managed to finish work on the menu entirely, with the two remaining Controls and Sound menus now finished as well. Settings are handled by the options screen and are transmitted to their individual sub-screens. These settings are then saved and loaded depending on whether or not there are any changes. Right now the game automatically generates a ‘settings.cfg’ file if it doesn’t already exist, although a corrupt settings.cfg file can lead to some issues. Save me some work and just don’t mess with it.

A very simple yet useful sound adjustment menu.

Now that I’ve wrapped up everything around the core game, it seems that missions and polishing units is my main priority now, with multiplayer coming somewhere behind that. Here’s a list of what’s left to do:

  • Fixing up some of the boats and planes – Not sure how long this will take
  • Creating the 69 missions – Will take a fair while
  • Generating score for destroying a unit – Won’t take long
  • The ability to die – Shouldn’t take long
  • The ability to lose (failed mission objectives) – Shouldn’t take long
  • The ability to win – Shouldn’t take long
  • Tutorial system – Shouldn’t take long
  • Map screen – Not sure, shouldn’t take too long
  • Multiplayer – Really not sure, might take a while
  • Finding a better way to save scores and mission progress than a simple text file – Shouldn’t take long
  • Graphical enhancements – Not sure, I won’t allocate too much time to it
  • Performance optimization – Shouldn’t take long, mostly done anyway