More Options

As I mentioned before, the menu is one of my main priorities right now, and in the last two days I’ve gotten quite a lot of progress done on it. The mission list works, scores are listed, profiles work, demo restrictions and now there’s another options menu. I plan to have four: General, Graphics, Audio and Controls. Right now the first two I listed are done.

It turns out, sliders are very easy to make with the help of the Unity engine, so that pretty much means the audio screen shouldn’t take very long either. As for controls, I’m not sure how I’ll go about creating that screen yet but I’ll figure it out.

You may notice in the screenshot above, there’s a toggle for ‘Tutorials’. Although the original game did not feature something like that, relying only on its web-based help files, I plan to include a non-intrusive help system that allows the player to get started very quickly and will fit in very smoothly with the original game’s interface theme.