Polishing Begins

Early demo capability.

Although the original game’s demo did feature multiplayer, I think I’m going to leave it out, at least if I plan on releasing a demo before full release. One of those more common ‘in development’ demos, but beyond beta stage obviously.

I don’t think I’ll be posting daily with the work I’m doing on the game now, as I don’t have the original game to guide me unit by unit anymore. I’m making tweaks and right now one of my points of focus is the main menu.

Here’s a summary of what I did:

  • Demo capability.
  • Scoring system (minus gaining points for destroying units)
  • Mission list now has multiple pages.
  • Changed profile system.
  • Reworked bullet speed to be more like the original.
  • Fixed several boats that were incorrectly positioning themselves upon destruction.
  • FPS counter in graphics menu.

I’m getting very close to creating the actual missions now, and I believe that the first five missions or so should be done within a week. This has potential for a demo, assuming I polish up absolutely everything around and in these five missions.