Wrapping up with the H-Class

So after a few weeks of work, I’ve finally reached the final enemy unit in the game. The ‘H-Class’ battleship. An absolutely colossal unit, and it gives the player some last few frights. Although this is the last enemy unit in the game, this still leaves me to do the support aircraft, additional weapons in the player’s arsenal and finally soldier models.

My wave list has now reached 3061 lines, finally bringing it to it’s finish. I will use the information I have written down to later recreate all 69 missions (No idea why they didn’t round it up to 70, I definitely didn’t miss any.)

I believe that the biggest chunk of the development was probably recreating the units, and although I am not done yet with the other models that I’ve mentioned, things are looking good for overall progress of the game. The ‘H-Class’ battleship I’ve mentioned is right now modeled and soon to be programmed as well, either later tonight or otherwise definitely some time tomorrow.

One thing I realize is that the game requires some serious polishing before it is done, as there are still bugs here and there and even now with all units appearing one-by-one there comes a stage that the game turns more into a comical disaster rather than the Beachhead game it aims to be.