Panzer IV

The Panzer IV next to an older Panzer I

I added in the Panzer IV since it wasn’t very different programmatically compared to the original tank, so I figured it wasn’t really worth a whole day’s work. The next boat and its accompanying plane type is, however.

So what kind of boat has accompanying planes? An aircraft carrier. Next up is the Zepplin aircraft carrier with its FW190A-1 plane contents. I’m actually expecting it to be a fairly simple task to create as the ability to launch aircraft with my current plan in mind doesn’t seem too tricky to program, so it’ll probably be ready for a nice screenshot on the blog tomorrow.

Up to a staggering 28 missions now with recreating boats and planes! Once I finish the units I really gotta get those fancy upgraded weapons in, followed by the missions themselves. Then all that’s left is polishing up and multiplayer!