Update for Balloon Pop Soon

As I happily sit back and watch people slowly fill up the highscore list I can’t help but play it myself and notice a few more problems I might fix. I’ve already posted a developer announcement through the app, but I’ll list the changes I’ll make here. Keep in mind Apple may take up to a week to review the update, so I can’t say when it’ll be available for download:

– fix a case where lives are lost when too many balloons are on screen.

– points are appropriately given now depending on the colour of the balloon.

– the ‘Split’ game mode will now have a limit of 3 fingers. This will prevent a known crash and make it easier for others to achieve a high score.

– the timer in the ‘Split’ and ‘Push’ game modes will not start until the first tap.

– the ‘Push’ mode’s push will give a bigger push to balloons to make it easier.

– A possible text error within OpenFeint will be fixed.

– a multiplayer or challenge system might be added, otherwise I’ll probably add something like that in a future update.

– The ‘Shoot’ game mode will have more frequent helium balloons to reach higher altitudes.

Ofcourse if anyone else has any idea, feedback is welcome.