Game Update – All that’s left is.. Argh, sound!

Well, I’ve sorted all the current problems I could find and am pretty much ready for release, after a week of long programming. It was a great to experience to learn so much new from the things I attempted to do in the game and barely succeeded with at multiple occasions.

The only problem is, sound. I’ve got sound, I have headphones, a sound card, blah, but turns out the sound configuration on my Mac OS died a tragic death. While messing around with the system files, Mac OSX died a tragic death. I’m nearly done recovering it, I’m just waiting on an upload of a single boot file from someone which should allow me to get Mac OSX working again.

Fear not, I can access my Mac files anyway with Windows. I can’t exactly finish the project in Windows though. Once I get sound working again, I should estimate no longer than a day for release! I’m just hoping compatibility with older devices works perfectly as when I had an iPod Touch and iPhone 3GS earlier today I only had the beta version that supported my iPhone 4.. I won’t go too much into the technical details, let’s leave it at that! The next post will have a nice detailed summary of my game hopefully.