Back into iPhone Programming.. GoVia update soon

I’ve decided to update the GoVia app after a long time of absence. It is a simple app and doesn’t require a lot of management. I can’t add a lot of features such as direct money transfers due to Translink’s current policy but I will be upgrading the interface to use a similar sort of system that the ‘My Go Card’ app used.

The reason I can distribute the GoVia app while not the Go Card app is because GoVia is managed by a different department of Translink. The Go Card app may or may not be re-released if Translink decides to change their terms again.

On other news, I’m working on a new game, this time hopefully not as glitchy as the Zombie Survival game released a few weeks ago. This one’s sidescroller based and has physics as a main element of gameplay, while not being a rip-off from other games such as Angry Birds (there’s like 10 clones of that now?).