And some more..

This seems to be the only thing I’m talking about lately, although it’s really caught my interest.

Anyway, another post about the ‘My Go Card’ app. No, it’s not gone free, sorry. Although I’ve just released another update, bringing it up to version 2.0, with more features already planned.

Here’s a list of changes:

-Fixed display error in ‘History’ tab

-Removed possible repetition bug during login process

-Reworked internet check code to be slightly faster

-Completely rewrote ‘History’ tab

*’History’ tab is now more compact, all details are in one cell.

*’History’ tab is now more future proof and easier to browse.

*’History’ tab now includes much more detailed information.

-Replaced registration button with tab

-Added tab bar during login process for future ‘Profile’ feature

-Added two new tab icons to compensate for the new tab bar

-Registration page now has the consistent transparent theme like the rest of the application

-Set minimum OS requirement back down to 3.0. Unfortunately 2.2.1 is no longer available in my version of xCode, I hope this doesn’t put off too many users.

It doesn’t end here! Suggestions and criticism is welcome, and a new ‘Profile’ tab will be added in the next update. This feature will allow Go Card owners to share their account information with just one application, allowing users to store multiple Card Numbers for friends and family.