Work Experience

Ahh, interesting week. Since monday I’ve been doing a week of work experience and today it came to an end. I was working as a server/system administrator over at the Royal Brisbane Hospital (Don’t ask why, but they keep ALL Queensland government servers at a hospital).

They had a server room here containing over 100 servers, each about $400.000 worth. That’s right, a server room with about $40 million dollars of equipment, and also a real SUPER high-speed 1gbps INTERNET (that’s right, not just NETWORK but INTERNET) speed. Too fast for any speed test I tried, heh. I’m not actually allowed to go into details of the servers, so I won’t, but I’m sure these pictures won’t do any harm.


Server Room

Server Room

First of all, I’m cursed as always in pictures (I just look so bad, heh) and second, yes we had to wear these plastic things around our shoes in this room. It’s also got some seriously powerful temperature control.

The data server I was working on had about 20 800GB tapes inside them. That’s 16 terrabytes of data.. Wouldn’t mind having a $40 million server room of my own connected to my PC, heh.