S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky

Woo, got my hands on the new Stalker. I’m having some great moments, though there seems to be an issue with FPS at the moment. I’m not the only one so I doubt it’s me.. Should be patched soon. I’ve ran through sections of the old game, and it is now much scarier. I’ll give two examples of just plain randomness. The best thing about it is, it isn’t scripted, it isn’t set up, it won’t happen the same way again. It’s completely random and unexpected.

I was happily walking along an old street in Cordon with a seriously unfunny load of radiation poisoning, turned around, had two boars biting my face off. Dead. It was night and storming hard so I didn’t expect anything, damn.

Second time, I was searching along for some goods to pick up and sell and my radar started beeping. I turned around, there’s a gang of around 30 bandits. Jesus. I wasn’t well equipped at the time so I decided to hide. It worked. I followed them for a while but didn’t realize one of them was on look-out and was killed not to soon after.

The fun thing about it is, there’s so much more left for me to do and explore, and I can come back with completely different events. I’m just curious how scary it’s gonna get.