I’ve decided I’d publicly post a very early release of a small game I’ve been working on. It uses a pre-existing game engine based on Basic available at 3DGameStudio. I’ve been spending a little bit of time on it and have used an example level provided elsewhere and have focused more on the actual code that keeps the game running. I am still attempting to improve frame rate as I am yet to focus on code optimization.

The game itself consists of the player spawning in a small room filled with a few zombies. I have been able to write a small AI system that allows the zombies to chase the player, kill him once they get close and attempt to avoid obstacles (which unfortunately isn’t perfect yet.). The player as well as the zombies feature a health system and I’ve added a sprint system just as an experimental feature for now.



In-Game screenshot of the action.

The early unfinished release of this product can be found here.

The source code can not be provided at the time. It is uncompilable at the moment because it uses the Acknex engine and recent changes have made it a little difficult.