Tech Stuff

Hmm, not much to report this week, or today. I’m not really up to anything lately, had some exciting moments at school today, though.

Anyway, the only interesting thing here at home I can think of right now is pretty much what I’ve done with my Playstation 3. I have a nice set-up now after installing Linux on it. Yellow Dog Linux 6 to be exact. I’m in the process of modding it further with other apps and stuff, but mostly just experimenting to see what I can do.

I know some readers aren’t really into the more technical details but unfortunately I haven’t got anything else to post yet. I’ve got 2 free days ahead so maybe I’ll come up with something then.

I might end up tuning the forum a little to look a little more interesting. Hmm. Lastly, I’m wondering about how I can make the blog a little less of a wall of text. I just don’t know what pictures to add. I’ll post later anyway, time for dinner.