Small Programs

Ok, it’s been a while and I hadn’t released something yet so I’ll put my number guessing program up. It’s not going to be terribly exciting or entertaining so don’t get your hopes up. Just something I was stuffing around with.

You can get the file here, find a readme here and view the source code here.

I’ve also uploaded three extra little programs that may be a bit more fun to use/watch.

Fake BSOD (blue screen of death). No way to get out with it without task manager or alt tabbing. Put it in the startup folder for the laughs.

Fake IP hack. Show off your “hacking skills” with something fake and easy to use. Type anything in and press enter and the program will randomly print a collection of messages.

Simple annoyance. I don’t really have a name for it, but what it does is basically play some music, move your cursor and the program all over the place and change the background when the user restarts. Make them think they have a virus while its just a prank program.

Unfortunately I can’t find the sound or background file for the annoyance program right now, so all it will do is move the cursor and window all over the place.


Lastly, I’m up to page 422 in the first C++ book I’ve been reading for a while. What does that mean? I’ve learned most of the basics of C++ which is quite interesting. I wonder what I’ll do after the book. Maybe another one, maybe window programming, maybe even OpenGL or other graphics so I can make some purely self designed games.

“Terramortis” in the past was unfortunately nothing more than a project set off a game engine. What does that mean? The code was mine, but it was using a pre-made game engine so I was limited to what I could do. Once I get a hang of C++, I’ll try to stick with it and do what I can.