Updating and Blog

You may notice the site is a little empty right now, and I won’t be able to post much today because I’m going to fine-tune the forum and I’ll occasionally look for interesting plugins to install in my blog.

I would like to repeat something I have stated in the final entry of my last site. I said, I would probably use the site as a blog if there is no more exclusive content to be posted (for now), but, this also stated that I would not overdo it as a news blog. I’m not going to as much as I like inform everyone about the excellent new stuff coming out. I’ll forget and skip and be too late, etc. and it won’t be interesting since there’s a million other news blogs out there.

What I will be posting however is, like written on the about page, about my interests. Now to keep this blog from getting boring, I’ll post occasional images and even files.

For example, if I’ve played a game recently or had a major upgrade I’ll be sure to post it. I should actually post a picture of my current computer set-up at the moment because I’ve got extension cables everywhere, using my TV as monitor. Heh. Maybe later.

For a sneak peak of what’s coming up, I’ve got some simple programs I made I’ll put available for download once in a while as I go and learn about C++ (programming).

As much as I’d like to continue I’ve probably got too much stuff to do right now and it’s time to finish the forum.