PS3 2.40 and programming

Yay, the latest Playstation 3 update is out. 2.40, now we’ve got in-game XMB, trophies, etc. Cool. I hope Meal Gear Solid 4 updates with this.

Playstation 3

As for the “programming” part in the title, since yesterday I’ve been designing a number guessing game in its simplest text-based form as a console application.

The game itself was done yesterday, but I’m adding a few extra options at the moment. Change the background limit, add a guessing limit, allow to save and load options, save and load statistics, see how many guesses you made, your average guessing percentage and so on.

Maybe not necessary, but it helps me learn. It’s fun to do and probably more fun to use too.

I’m up to 361 lines right now. Though I admit it’s definitely not the most optimized script I’ve ever done.

Below is an image of some of the actual code of the program. I just wanted to Photoshop something so here there we go.