On the 9th of December I officially started work for a small software development company based in Brisbane, located on the western edge of the city in Paddington. It’s been an interesting few weeks, starting with a somewhat anxious feeling despite the relaxed environment and leading to a somewhat more comfortable work environment after beginning to realise the cheerful people and a dynamic set of work.

Having started  rather late within the year I’ve spent two weeks getting used to the software I’ll be working with and taking in all kinds of new knowledge straight away. Tasks have been varied and have ranged from setting up virtual machines on a server box to writing cross-language wrappers.

The company itself is relatively new and produces BIM software which, in a pretty rough summary means it specializes in software that allows engineering companies to review and monitor all the components within their projects as well as all the surrounding assets such as documentation.

More information about the company can be found on the company website.