Web Development

It’s been a little while since the last update, mainly for two separate reasons. The first being I have had second degree burns on my shoulder for a week which wasn’t helping motivation to code let alone use a computer or do anything else, and while I didn’t do nothing I chose to take a bit of time off from any side hobbies until I could get to a point they’d be fun to code again.

The second part goes for a website I’ve been creating for someone that’s essentially going to be used for a small community group, and since this is a bit more than a hobby project I’ve been prioritizing it’s completion has a somewhat larger meaning. The thing is I’ve never actually dealt much with web development. I have a blog which I occasionally tinker with, and I have had some work done with SQL databases for non-web based applications. The nice thing the deadline is very relaxed; essentially ‘get it done before the end of the year or something’ so it’s given me ample time to explore some features. I’ve been using jQuery, the Facebook API, the Google Maps v3 API, more PHP and a fair bit of CSS.

I’m quite content with the progress I’m making, having developed a user system that synchronizes loosely with the Facebook API (only for notifications, which work nicely) as well as varying levels of access, and of course, secure, salted and encrypted passwords. There’s a bit more to go – I’d estimate I’m just over the halfway point now with a fair bit of that second-half simply being polishing things up, and I might post a link up once I’ve finished it. I’ll post a bit more later on how I’m dividing up my workload so if anyone follows the posts then you’d have a better understanding of when to expect things.