While posts with pictures are naturally more interesting, I decided to post a little experience post, since it’ll unfortunately be a while before I can show anything interesting that isn’t held under an NDA of some sort.

While I’ve (hopefully) only got around 6 weeks of study left, I think it’s save to say it’s actually taught me a thing or two. I chose to talk about optimisations since it’s been rather crucial in my latest escapade, particularly so with a PC project, but I blame the other programmer. It’s only natural for programmers to do so, besides our badly maintained facial hair.

Lately I’ve been learning a lot of simple little C++ tricks, which I’m surprised I wasn’t aware of earlier. Primarily small scenarios such as pre-incrementing, dereferencing as little as possible and parallel threading, although admittedly threading is still a tad scary, especially when you try threading physics libraries and everything including the OS comes crashing down.

On another note, I find myself my programming and problem solving productivity to improve drastically when listening to ’80s rock, tipsy or better yet, both.