It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything due to my absence. The website is now running from the ‘.com’ domain primarily, and has had several upgrades, both hardware and software based to make this a pleasant browsing experience for everyone. The site now uses CloudFire for decent content delivery and site protection, yay!

I’m still working on the same project as my last post from several months ago, and fortunately that has advanced quite a bit. While graphically there isn’t much to look at yet it’s nearing its final stages, and I will attempt to post some proper screenshots within these last twelve weeks of development.

If your curious to read more about more in-depth development of this project, please have a look at the site-link section or click here.

Of course I’ve been doing more than just that, however as is probably not surprising by now, this is all covered under a strict NDA, so the exciting news about my on-going development of another project will have to wait until it’s release later this year. Stay tuned!